Tumblr Certificate Expired


Hi, my custom domain hosted on Tumblr (robotfx.ro) got its certificate expired and is no longer accessible. I know little to nothing about SSL, so my simple question is:
Do I need to renew it somehow (How?), or this is Tumblr’s job?
PS I’ve wrote them, but reply is yet to come.
Regards, Johnny.

Urgent: My website is no longer loading because of an expired certificate

The IP in use is definitely from Tumblr.
I don’t use Tumblr, so I can’t say for certain HOW certificates are added to their systems.
You should try looking through his account “Settings” for SSL/TLS related options.


Tumblr’s systems are supposed to automatically renew the certificate a couple weeks before it expires. All you have to do is not turn it off or break your domain.

You can see that they previously were renewing it:


Nothing looks broken in any obvious way, so all you can do is contact Tumblr and ask them what’s wrong.


“supposed” is the key word :slight_smile:
Thanks, I’ve contacted them but probably due to holidays I won’t get an answer very soon.


It looks like Tumblr reissued your certificate six times in a row on December 31: https://crt.sh/?q=robotfx.ro. The site appears to be working now!

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