trustStore file and password


Hi Team,

Our client uses let’s encrypt’s ssl with their server. We wanted to add the truststore for the certificate with our server to call the api services from our website. Can you let us know , how to get the trustStore file and password for the same.

Shall We ask the client to request for these details to let’s encrypt ?



Hi @snmohanty321,

I’m not sure I follow 100%, so let me try and answer and hopefully we can find common ground :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re working on an application that will be making API requests to a server using HTTPS with a Let’s Encrypt certificate. is that correct?

Typically your application could use the system truststore as-is and it will successfully validate a properly configured Let’s Encrypt certificate/server. Most system truststores will include the required IdentTrust Root CA that cross signed the Let’s Encrypt intermediate. Can you tell us more about the platform your application is running on?


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