Trouble verifying ownership step

I’m trying to verify letsencrypt for the first time. All is well until the last step to submit the challenge. I get an error. I am trying to verify by file, and when I visit the file in a browser to check if its working I keep getting an Internal Server Error. I know I created the file in SSH, so not sure why this isn’t working. I imagine if i get the file to work, the challenge will succeed. It did say something about adding to webserver configuration, which i’m not sure how to do.

I’m using Apache.
internal error - server connection terminated

I’m using this site:

Hi @laksmanv,

If you connect to your server and look at the log files in /var/log/apache2/error.log or a similar location, they should provide more details about what is producing the internal server error. Usually web servers don’t like to show these details to site visitors (because they might reveal too much information about the configuration of the server, for example), but usually they are logged in the server’s error log file so that the system administrator can look them up and discover the source of the problem.

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