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Sorry for my question. I know it’s very basic and it’s probably answerd at someplace. But I’ve been reading and reading and reading and really don’t understand the technical language.

So, this is my question: Is there any traffic limit for my site (in development now)? How many visits can a site have to comply with the limits (in case there is any)?

I don’t know, maybe it’s the 300 new orders (visits?) per 3 hours, but I’m not sure.

Thank you

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t impose any traffic limit for your site (but if you use some cheap service to make the site you may need to check with them if they impose such a limit or if things would just be a bit slower if there are a lot of visitors)

Let’s Encrypt provides Certificates, which work not so very differently from ID documents you might have from a government, like a passport, or a photo ID document, or a driving license - except with mathematics instead of pieces of paper. Your site shows visiting web browsers the Certificate to prove “I’m, see I have this document and I can prove it’s mine”. Just like the government doesn’t need to send a guy over to agree “Yes this is real photo ID” when you use it to prove you’re allowed to buy vodka or whatever, Let’s Encrypt aren’t involved directly when your site shows the Certificate to visiting web browsers, this can happen as often as you like without limit.

The limits Let’s Encrypt talk about are for making new certificates, you may not need to do this work at all if it’s included in the cost of your web site, if you are making everything totally by hand and need to obtain the certificates, you should make sure not to ask for lots of them because of these limits. But probably you are making a web site with somebody else’s tools and those will obey the limits.


I agree with everything here, just one nitpick/exception: OCSP checking when browsers check whether a certificate has been revoked.

As a webserver admin, if you want to save Let’s Encrypt some traffic, make sure you enable OCSP Stapling in your webserver. But even if you don’t, there are no limits on OCSP traffic.

All of the rate limits listed on are related to the creation of certificates. Once you have a certificate, you don’t need to worry about any of them.


Thank you for such clear and proactive answers.

I’m relieved now. Not that my site will have a lot of traffic, but just in case.


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