Traefik: what to do without tls-sni-01 support

What can I do for Traefik? I run a single host to server multiple pages of my clients and this is causing big problems for me running behind Traefik. Is DNS Provider the best way to solve this issue?

UPDATE 2: http-01 support is now available in traefik 1.5.0 and later.

UPDATE: A release candidate is available:

If you have trouble with it, please ask for help on their community slack.

There is a patch in the works to add http-01 support to traefik:

If you have an immediate need to obtain/renew certificates you could apply this patch to a local build of traefik.

If you are unable to do that you could also get a certificate with certbot in manual mode or a website like or and manually configure it with traefik to use until they merge the above patch.


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