Tools to Manage & Create

My domain is:

I don't know the Certificate Manager tools to create or generate the cert

Could anybody provide me with the tools and procedure for all types of encryptions.


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Hi Vanasco

I have the website with woocommerce & wordpress I would like to manage my account Let's Encrypt account. Website is ready to be launched.

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How do I manage my certbot to customize all the configurations & settings through certificate manager.

What's that "certificate manager" you're refering to?

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I thought there is a GUI to generate and manage the cert, now I am going through certbot tool sudo cmd to get this setup.

However I am struck inbetween the procedure with this command :sudo snap install certbot-dns-
What is the Plugin name shoud I be giving in this?

There might be some software out there which has a GUI with management things, but there is no such standard software available. The idea behind the proces used by Let's Encrypt, the ACME server, that you can use any ACME client to get a certificate. You can see a list of available ACME clients here:

That depends on which DNS provider you're planning to be using the DNS challenge on. Do you really require the DNS challenge? See the Challenge Type documentation for more info about the available challenges.

Also, how did you end up at trying to install a DNS plugin? Are you using a guide?

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Currently I am adding all the Domain, Directory services.

Let me know if I can do this with my localhost i.e. direct hostname of my server.
When I run this sudo snap install certbot-dns- with my localhost as DNS it is giving me DNS not valid.

What does that mean? "Directory services"? Is that a Windows thing? I'm Linux only, so no knowledge about that. Maybe someone else.

What do you mean by that? "Your localhost"? All hostnames in a Let's Encrypt certificate (any public CA really) need to be publically available to the world wide web.

I think you're missing a key part here. Again, I'm wondering where you got the snap install certbot-dns-... part from. You don't get certificates through that command, that's just a part of the command to install a DNS plugin for certbot.

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