Too many certificates issued?

I’m trying to sort out my SSL certificate on my IIS 8 server. I’m having issues with the cipher It’s old and obsolete. Now that I’ve fixed it. I’m trying to get a new certificate, but every time I do it, I get an error. My domain name is Is there a way I could get another one?


hi @Abdul

Is there are reason why you have issued so many certificates?

What happened to the certificates that you did issue? Did you save them? They are valid certificates but may need to be installed.

Otherwise you will need to wait 7 days as per the rate limit documentation

I’ve stated why I’ve tried to solve the issue so many times. I’ve said that the cipher is obsolete and needs changing on the server. I fixed it, now I’m trying to get a new one. I’ve got one already. It’s using an obsolete cipher.

hi @Abdul

Getting a new certificate will not fix cipher issues (these need to be fixed via web servers and windows)


I know. I’ve said that in my first post that I’ve fixed it. Now, the certificate that I had was before it was fixed. Now. I want to issue a new one so it’ll work.

Hi @Abdul,

As I see it, you have three options:

  • Use one of your existing certificates. As @ahaw021 stated, they are still valid and independent of your cipher configurations. If you have a copy of one, it should work fine with your new configuration.
  • Issue a new certificate including an additional name. For example, if you issue a certificate covering both and (which might be a good idea anyway), that will not be blocked by this particular rate limit, because it isn’t the “exact set of names”.
  • Wait until September 15, when this rate limit expires.

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