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Hi guys,

Faced issue with issuing certificates for geo domain In Russia we have many GEO domains, like, etc. So LE shouldn’t count as main domain(?). Any workarounds for that?



It may be worth talking to the owners of (and similar) about being on the Public Suffix List was added to the upsteam public suffix list (, but I still get error “Too many certificates for”. Please update the copy of the list.

Maybe @cpu can tell us the schedule for when the Public Suffix List changes will be imported. (It doesn’t happen automatically.)

actually you might check the stats for number of GEO domains,
to see that is 3 times more popular than, for example

Hey guys, still the same problem for domains. Is there any chance to know when it will works? Does any body knows how often public suffix list gets updated at lets encrypt servers?

@dimasrespect, I haven’t heard back from @cpu yet so I asked another colleague, who said this import should happen sometime this week.

To clarify: We’ll import the latest list this week; it should be live late next week.

You can specify the date when this version will be available? We are also experiencing problems with

Apologies! I've been out of the office for the past week.

It will likely be Thurs Feb 16th but this isn't a guarantee.

Unfortunately, still the same error. Any updates?

it’s not Thursday 16th Feb in the US yet :wink: I’d suggest giving it another 24 hours at least.

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Oh, thank you. I didn’t take into account :blush:


Hi there, as @serverco mentioned (Thanks!) you're a time traveller and our team is still catching up :rocket: :clock:

Our deploys typically happen around mid-day pacific time. I expect to have updates for you folks then.

Hi @thunderspb, @anton-tsyganenko, @dimasrespect, @f-andrey,, others!

Thanks for waiting - the Boulder release with the updated PSL is in production. You should be able to issue for domains without issue. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing the reported error.

Thanks again for your patience!


It’s fixed now, thanks.

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Fixed, thanks so much!

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Thank you guys, You’re the best!

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