Too late for a wildcard certificate?

New to this site and to certificates. Recently got 2 each Synology boxes (NAS) and a Synology Router. Made the mistake(?) of creating certificates for each of them before I realized I should have created a wildcard certificate at the ROUTER level that included the two boxes. Is there a way to “recover” from the mistake and make the router cert. into a wildcard? I do have my own domain so I need to start a cert. from scratch, I can. Thanks for your help.

No, every certificate is a “fresh”, newly issued certificate, even renewals.

However, you can just issue a third certificate. This isn’t a problem, the amount of certificates issued for one domain name in one week is 50, so plenty of room left. See the rate limits page about these limits. Note: testing should be done in the staging environment, but I’m not sure Synology supports that.


Hi @Osiris

20? I see 50.

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week).

Hi @RickMz

a wildcard certificate requires dns validation.

So if your dns provider supports an API and if your NAS client supports that API, that works via automation.

But if your dns provider doesn’t support an API or if there is an API, but not supported via Synology, you have to create TXT entries manual. Every 60 - 85 days.

So http validation may be easier.

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Of course you’re right, I don’t know why I said 20 :man_shrugging:

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