TinyURL Let's Encrypt SSL expired

My domain is: sduk.uk

Our domain name is registered with TinURL name servers and is a custom domain name which I believe includes Let's Encrypt SSL. We've had this running since Feb 19th 2021 without issue but the most recent 3 month SSL period expired on 19th March 2022 and of course all clients now getting errors as expected.

TinyURL has no link to contact a human (that I can find!) so hoping someone here can point me in right direction as to why this has not renewed this time?

Regards, Andy

Yep, I can confirm that sduk.uk has been getting certs from Let's Encrypt for the last ~year, but that it hasn't renewed since December 2021: crt.sh | sduk.uk

The "missed" renewal would have happened almost exactly a year after the first issuance. Since it looks like TinyUrl's custom domain system has a yearly billing option, have you double-checked that your account with them is up-to-date?


Thanks for your reply - Yep, I paid the renewal on 19th Feb 2022 and just checked my credit card and can see payment went through and I have a receipt on Tinyurl.com. The account all looks good in there too.. So I think there is some interface issue between Tinyurl and Let's encrypt...

As I say, I cannot see a single "contact us" option so I am hoping as they use your services you might have a way in to report this problem?


It looks like TinyUrl just forgot to obtain a new certificate. I assume it's some bug with their systems.

Have you tried their contact form? Submit a Ticket - TinyURL Support


Anyone can use Let's Encrypt without any subscription beforehand, so with that regard TinyURL is just as good as a subscriber to the LE service as is a single person from somewhere on the globe issuing just a single certificate.


Thank you for sending me the contact form - I had not spotted that - it was well tucked away!

I have used that and they have manually pushed the request through and all is now updated and happy! Appreciate your input :slight_smile: Andy


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