Timelines on new FakeRoots?

I know this is on the radar/todolist of LetsEncrypt staff, but I did not see a ticket for it on any of the github repos. I did not want to burden any FT staff with this question via a ticket, as I know they're sprinting on some features.

Does anyone here know when there will be a timeline for new FakeRoots?

Specifically I am hoping to see:

  1. A new RSA FakeRoot to cross-sign the existing Fake Intermediate, which could be served as alternate chains; this would mimic the current IdenTrust cross sign.

  2. A new FakeRoot cross-signed by the existing RSA Fake Root; Ideally this would be ECDSA, but could be RSA. I am just looking for ways to plan/test for the upcoming ECDSA ISRG X2 root.

The overhead of having to do all this stuff in a private test environment is getting to me. I can deal with it for my own client, but I help with a few complex installations using other clients - and getting those properly tested and bugfixed is becoming more burdensome.

They haven't announced any concrete timelines that I've seen. The last update I saw was about a week ago, in the thread about R3 questions, where this was said:

I'm thinking that they're focusing in the move to only serving ISRG Root X1 before they focus any effort on ISRG Root X2 and ECDSA signing (thus "still a while" being the answer), though that's just a guess on my part.

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