"This site can’t be reached" CertBot issues after changing domain

My domain is: eitanbernath.com.

I had a CertBot certificate installed on the same web server for the test domain (eitanb.com). We then changed domain to live domain and the "site cannot be reached."

I checked using SSH to see their are still remnants of CertBot for the test domain. Is that what is blocking the domain? The live domain (eitanbernath.com) worked until I started trying to change the SSL. Something then triggered the entire site not to work. This is why I'm sure it has something to do with CertBot.

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Google Cloud

From my end, there's nothing wrong with your site, at least not regarding "site cannot be reached" errors. It does have some references to your testing site for some of the images though.

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