The underlying connection was closed Error

hello, my website is using Let’s Encrypt SSL,
i got an error with a payement gateway server

live url :
sandbox url for test :
they told me that in their server they receive this error message : The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.
the issue started when i have activated ssl in my website,

i need your help please for this issue

Well, I don’t know how you installed LE, but your domain (via HTTPs) is serving a self signed certificate for the domain This is different from the domain, which is behind a CloudFlare CDN certificate (so I can’t check if the LE certificate is correctly installed downstream).

Also, your HTTPS site on contains A LOT OF non-HTTPS content: JavaScript, images, I think everything! That’ll prevent browsers from showing a green “all good” padlock icon…

i have just reinstalled a new SSL could you check now please ?

The web page at has resulted in too many redirects. (although it does correctly have an LE SSL certificate )

could you please check what dns are used, because i have just changer the dns, may be should i wait the update of the dns ?

I was using opendns (the change of DNS shouldn’t be causing the redirect though).

could you check please, i have fixed the issue with " too many redirects."

Looking OK now :slight_smile: redirects gone, and a nice green lock ( with the LE cert )

thx for all :), i have fixed the issue, the problem was linked to clouldflare :grin:

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