The free TLS certificate supports a protocol SCEP with OSEP/CRL for Cisco ASA Anyconnect VPN

Hello everybody!
I would like to know ‘let’s encrypt’ supports free certificate for automatic enrollment SSL/TLS certificate by using function SCEP with OSEP/CRL for Cisco Anyconnect VPN?

Hi @dutesbayev

I don't know how that system works.

But if such systems have public visible domain names, you may be able to use Letsencrypt certificates.

Start with some required basics:

Then select a client.

Or select a library and create your own client.

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No, Let's Encrypt does not support obtaining certificates via SCEP (RFC 8894). It only supports obtaining certificates via ACME (RFC 8555).

That said, the certs you obtain via ACME can certainly be used with a Cisco Anyconnect VPN.

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