Switch to wildcard. Will old certificates be automatically revoked

Will work “normal” certificates obtained for the domains one.example.com, two.example.com after i get the wildcard certificate for *.example.com?
Will the certificate be valid for example.com if i get a new certificate for it on another server?
Are there any restrictions?
If you suddenly need: now I use certbot, and will use acme.sh later

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t automatically revoke your old certificates when you issue new certificates.

Certbot doesn’t either.

As far as I know, acme.sh doesn’t.

You could manually revoke your certificates if you want to, but you don’t need to, unless the private key has been compromised, or you no longer control the domain.

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Thanks for the quick response! I just want to know if the “old” certificates will work after I get the wildcard and start distributing it

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They won’t be automatically revoked. They won’t stop working for any other reason.

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