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I created a certificate using the dns challenge, now I would like to renew the cert using the /.well-known path, so I tryied to switch to --preferred-challenges http and authenticator standalone but it is failing as it try to renew the cert with the dns challenge…is there a way to renew the certificate with the /.well-known path? the renew i done by a cronjob…

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I’d personally just create a new cert as a http - even if some sort of cross over is possible it may cause further issues.

But perhaps wait to see what some of the more experienced guys say.

In the meantime, can you give us the command and output that you tried? It may help with troubleshooting.

Thanks mate!

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Did you resolve this?

It would also help to know what domain you’re trying to renew for. Wildcard Certificates require the dns challenge method.

At the end I just created a new certificate with http challenge, I use the dns challenge when I need to move a certificate without have any downtime but then I’m not able to renew it with http challenge…Are you surer that the wildcard certificates need the DNS challenge? I can be wrong but if I remember right I used the http challenge fir a wildcard domain

Hi @francescovenica

that’s required. Read

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