Sufficiency and Compatibility Issues

Hi, my client runs off the Abode Business Catalyst server and their ticketing system site runs on another. The ticketing system just updated the SSL and now request that we upgrade to TLS 1.2. Anyone have a response for me on this?

My client is
The ticket company is

Thanks, Teejay


Can you clarify your question/need?

(Do you required to use TLS1.2 only? for Adobe Business Catalyst Server?)

Thank you

The ticketing company, SeatGeek is requesting that we just offer TLS1.2 only. They are on their own independent server. My client is on the BC server.

Thanks, Steven


Just to confirm: are you asking what’s the impact if the ticketing system only use TLS1.2? or The ticketing system ask your main website only use TLS1.2?

It looks like Adobe manages this server for you so you probably cannot disable TLS 1.0 by yourself.

Please contact Adobe Support for further assistance. They can either disable TLS 1.0 for you or provide SeatGeek with their Risk Mitigation Plan that continues to allow them to use TLS 1.0 with services in-scope for PCI through July.


Yes, the ticketing system want us to strictly use TLS1.2.

I will contact support. I just wanted to get the low down on what BC can and can not do.

Thanks, Teejay

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