Stuck while installing "Let's Encrypt Gandi Plugin"

Hello everybody,

Finally I am going to the process of installing SLL on all my websites, I have Gandi Simple Hosting solution so I’m trying to use the Let’s Encrypt Gandi Plugin.

I’m following the github installation guide ( ) but I’m stuck on finding the " correct directory certbot by reading the PYTHONPATH environment variable included in the executable. ".

I installed cerbot on my computer using homebrew and activated gandi API key.

Setup says I need to locate a directory that includes libexec/ folder ( step here) but I have no Idea where to get it from the executable.
There is no path with libexec in terminal.

The only string I get from the terminal is :

You can install Python packages with
pip install

They will install into the site-package directory

Any help would be very appreciated



Hi @lou,

Have you opened an issue on the letsencrypt-gandi plugin, or contacted Gandi support? They're likely the best people to help with this configuration since I suspect it's a little bit niche.

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