Stuck on updating in Asus router and ATT Uverse

Hello. I have an ASUS RT-AC66U_B1 router and I’m trying to enable Let’s Encrypt in DDNS settings but it never gets past “Updating…”

My ISP is ATT UVerse and ASUS support want me to ask them if they have port 80 open or closed. Apparently this is not an easy answer to obtain from ATT staff that home users have access to. I have been trying for few days and can’t get an answer.

So trying here because surely I can’t be the first person trying to get it to work through ATT UVerse and ASUS. Hopefully there are some other UVerse users who can advise if I’m out of luck or if there is a solution.


Hi @JetRocket11

what's your domain name? Use one of the online tools

to check if port 80 answers.

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