Stopping wrong expiry mails for modified domains?

Hello !

I keep receiving alert mails from Let’s Encrypt expiry bot for domains that are not to expire soon, because I have modified them after their creation. Just like in that closed topic : Keep received emails about expiration but they are wrong

I expect there are many people in this situation, and that this generates no little traffic for useless mails.

I was wondering if there was a way to stop these mails from being sent.
Would revoking certs and remaking them from scratch solve the problem, and not bring any alerts to the visitors ?

Thank you for reading, and many thanks to the Let’s Encrypt team and contributors, who made SSL freely and so easily available to us.

There’s no way for Let’s Encrypt to know that a ‘modified’ certificate has superseded the original. It’s completely possible that both are still in use, so you’ll continue to receive emails for them. Once you get your certificates sorted and are only using active ones, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

You shouldn’t really revoke anything unless you have reason to believe the private key has been compromised.


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