Status feed without Staging only announcements?

Hi folks,

I have the Status Site RSS Feed ( <![CDATA[Let's Encrypt Status]]> ) subscribed in a Slack channel of third-party services we depend on, but the stuff about staging is a bit noisy and unnecessary for me.

Is there a different RSS feed URL that won't contain staging-only events?


You might be able to filter feed items by e.g. excluding /staging/i in the title, but yeah, I think it would super helpful i there was a second status page with only production (issuance and OCSP) components on it. Nice suggestion!


Thought about that, but blindly blocking anything with the existence of would have meant that we would have missed Let's Encrypt Status for example, but I get what you mean conceptually. Does make the selection a little harder, check if there is "staging" and then intelligently check that there isn't "production" (or ocsp, or etc.)

Never seen SiftRSS before, thanks for the link, will play around with it. I hate to put something in the middle of status sites, but, that's the only way within my control to resolve this.

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