Stale Cert Cannot be Purged

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My domain is:

I ran this command: I made a cert then deleted it to install a couldflare origin cert..

the lets encrypt cert is still active && I cannot figure out how to purge it from the net

Welcome to the community @EntroFlux

Cloudflare may create Let's Encrypt certs for its public facing edge. This is your cert history and Cloudflare is sending the most recent one issued. Did you have Cloudflare make a cert for its edge on Nov30?

Your Origin Cert is used for between your server and Cloudflare edge. The public cannot see that connection including the sslshopper site you showed. Problems between your origin and Cloudflare is better addressed to Cloudflare community.

If I have misunderstood your problem please describe the problem in more words. Thank you


History is just that; And it can't be erased.
That said, the link you show it to an active wildcard cert for your domain.
Which would require validated DNS control of your domain to obtain.
Based on your authoritative DNS servers:        nameserver =        nameserver =

I would have to concur with @MikeMcQ

[this is all "normal" - you asked CF to secure your site and gave them that right when you handed your DNS zone over to their control]

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My issue is that I keep getting error 526....thanks for the reply btw

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Does it work without CF?

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