Превышено количество выпущенных SSL

My domain is:adm.aksayland.ru

I ran this command: в ходе настройки создал много сертификатов

It produced this output:

My web server is (include version):Превышено количество выпущенных SSL, не могу выпустить новый

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):ubuntu 20.04

You are only allowed 5 certs per week that use the same domain names. You should setup your server to use one of them you already have. Your cert history is seen here (link).

When testing you should use the Staging system to avoid rate limit problems. If you explain what ACME client you are using we can advise how to use the Staging system.

More details of the Rate Limit is here


А скачать ранее выпущенный могу?

You can, but the certificate is useless without the private key corresponding to that certificate. So you also require the private key.


Можете ли Вы удалить выпущенные сертификаты, что бы я не ждал это время? Пожалуйста

That is not possible.
You could try:

  • using another CA
  • using a different set of names
  • testing on the staging environment

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