SSL won't stop issuing to wrong subdomain


I recently created a new nextcloud server by downloading the snap package. It worked fine so I decided to add ssl encryption. I had my subdomain redirecting to a dns and I encrypted the dns. It worked perfect (I should have just stopped) however I wanted to see if I could switch my to be the url and not use the dns. That’s where my issue starts. I went into my cpanel that hosts and changed it to redirect to my static server ip address and then I couldn’t get my ssl to show up anymore. I created more ssl certificated for and which didn’t help.


Now I am trying to add ssl encryption the same way I have done before. I removed my redirects and deleted off any ssl from Bluehost associated with I deleted my dns ( and created a new one to start from scratch. The only thing pointing to my server is my new dns, but when I add my ssl certificate it doesn’t encrypt and still says my ssl is issued to Is there anyway to stop this from happening? I have read the rate limits (maybe I just have to wait a week) and I have tried revoking certificates, but I’m still clueless what I should do or how long I should wait.


Ubuntu 18.04
Apache 2.4
NC 13

Hi @fluxified

you have to create a new certificate with

as domain name. Then install and use this certificate. and have different ip addresses.



But if they have the same ip address, you can also create one certificate with these two domain names. Then you can use this certificate - with both domain names.

I had originally had my pointed at my ip address, but I changed it back to my bluehost default ip. I created a new certificate for and it says it’s working from looking at the, but when I look at my url in my browser its red and still issued to my Should I just wait for my certificates to expire and try again? Or is there a way I can stop the ssl certificates at my shows only certificates which are created. and other transparency logs don't know if a certificate is installed correct.

Your installation of the webserver of is wrong. Share this ssl configuration.

There is a part where the ssl certificate files are used. You must change this part.

This is completeley irrelevant.

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I got the dns from and have followed this guide exactly. Where would I go to find the ssl configuration? The way I installed Nextcloud as a snap the files are different from what I’m used to.

With the old or new domain?

Perhaps you should do that with the new domain.

Looks that this part

sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains 1

is critical.

I have configured the trusted domains to match and removed the from it, but no luck. I found a way to delete the ssl certificates from my Bluehost account from this subdomain, but also no luck. Is there a way to remove/revoke an ssl certifcate from the

Looks like you did something wrong. If you can install one certificate, you should be able to remove that and install another certificate.

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