SSL showings as Pending when trying to create Subdomain

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My domain is:

I ran this command: Using Squarespace for the website, Instapage for the landing page, 123 reg for domain name host

My web server is (include version):

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Squarespace / 123 Reg

I have connected a previous domain via 123 reg and Instapage with the website created in WIX and had no issues. When creating the subdomain on Instapage, the SSL is connected and works fine.

But with this other, with the site on Squarespace, the SSL is showing as pending still, I contacted 123 reg to see why this is and one has a wildcard SSL and one doesn’t. Yet when I check the account on 123 reg, neither have been purchased with additional SSL.

Please help as the site I am trying to set up, although it does work, sometimes doesn’t load for some customers due to it need to be certified and the user must click ‘visit site anyways’ which isn’t good of course.

Hi @BradleyC

what does this mean? SSL isn't pending, SSL works or doesn't work. So it must be a special function of this setup.

Please share a screenshot.

Checking your site I don't see problems. You have 4 ip addresses, all works good. Both certificates (one with www, the other without) are valide.
14.02.2019 - 1 entry

14.02.2019 - 1 entry

Hi Juergen,

thanks for the reply.

The attached screenshot is from ‘Instapage’ which is the landing page creator web software.
The ask you to create a CNAME to create the subdomain.

I did this for the others, the only other one using 123 reg being ‘dream a little dream’. However this is on WIX and use their severs. Squarespace requires you to include WWW as a CNAME also.

Could this cause an issue?

Adding a CNAME is done via the below;

Hi @BradleyC,

It seems like the warning message is from Instapage and probably relates to a technical problem with your setup, but they haven’t explained what the nature of that problem is. I would suggest contacting Instapage’s support since the interface that you showed us doesn’t give any technical details.

If their support gives you technical details about why the certificate hasn’t been issued and you don’t understand them, you can share them with us and we’re happy to try to help explain their significance.

After speaking with a handful of the websites team, this has been resolved.

Thank you guys for the time. I appreciate it.

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