SSL Renewal Question


My certificate expires tonight…I need to know exactly where do I run the certbot renew command? (Literally, where do I type it in?)


Did you use Certbot to obtain the certificate originally?


I used Lets Encrypt and it was a pretty much automatic installation.


Its on a private server.


if you still on the same server and has the same files.

Just run certbot renew
(This might fail if you use TLS-SNI-01, if this happens, just renew using --preferred-challenges http-01)

Thank you


I know this is a very noob question but where exactly do I type in: certbot renew?


What, exactly, did you do at that time? Because there are about 300 ways you could have issued your certificate, and what you did to issue it is going to have a big impact on what you need to do to renew it.


It is a FlexConnect server setup (audio server by Broadcast electronics). The FlexConnect Setup took care of retrieving and installing the certificate. Now, when I right-click on the certificate info I get Window 1 followed by Window 2. I don’t know what to put in the input box


ALl I had to do was click on Request Certificate and it automatically popped up a window to use LetsEncrypt


I think the source of confusion here is that you apparently aren’t using Certbot at all. :slight_smile: Certbot is a tool that’s used on servers that you administer via a Unix command line interface, which isn’t the case for your audio server.

I’m glad you were able to renew the certificate!


Ah, I wasn’t able to renew it. I was explaining how I originally did it.


Oh. These renewal options don’t look specifically related to Let’s Encrypt at all and I don’t think any of them will necessarily work! Is there a support forum for FlexConnect available somewhere?


Unfortunately, there isn’t. I have contacted their support team and they literally said they weren’t sure.


Well, that’s a nuisance! I really doubt that we’ll be able to do anything about this if the vendor doesn’t support it.

If you can create files on the device that are visible on the web, you might be able to use a third-party tool like to create Let’s Encrypt certificates that you can then import on the device. However, you’d have to do this manually at least every 90 days, so it might not end up feeling like a great solution.


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