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I’m developing my Web page and I installed my SSL’s on Apache with a Droplet from Digital ocean which I destroy to start again, I created a new droplet since I’m running magento2 and I had to start all over again, however the SSL is active on my domain but when I go to enable it on magento2 I get an error and I’m unable to access anything anymore due to that, so I’m wondering and I think is obvious that I have to reinstall the SSL on my new apache configuration for this to work right? Should I just fresh install as I did the first time or how do I fix this, is there any other way to resolve this ??



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If all the data of the original droplet is gone, including the private key, you've got to start all over again indeed.

For vanishing and reincarnating systems like droplets or Docker thingies, it's best to put the /etc/letsencrypt/ directory on some sort of persistant location which doesn't get destroyed.

If you destroy and re-issue certificates too fast too many times, you'll run into a rate limit and get stuck with a site without TLS or, even worse, a disfunctioning site if you've used HSTS.

I just did the reinstall SSL is added and status are showing A in a test, but the website somehow is showing is not safe but the full address shows the https, installation is going through properly but everything gets messy when I install the ssl, we’ll check out what’s the issue on this and get back with resolution.

Probably content loaded over HTTP when the base address is HTTPS. Check with

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