SSL issued but not work yet on domain through CERTBOT


I issued an SSL (and as it seems lets encrypt did issued it) to my domain, yet still not working.
Used certbot, when I run on my Windows server certbox certificates it show as valid.
Could someone help?
That is the domain, Chrome says it is SSL ERR still.
Attached is the output of certbot on my server


Thank you

Here is a list of certificates issued |, the latest being 2022-11-17.
The one for is | 7998686044, is the one certificate being used?

I also get this when I use Windows 10 Firefox 107.0 (64-bit), is that expected?
As I do not know what I should expect on port 3000 with HTTPS protocol.

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Yes. It is the one that is used.

It is supposed to get to a login page.

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The RECORD_TOO_LONG error indicates that your server is speaking HTTP while the client is (trying to) speak HTTPS. A connection to succeeds, and redirects to The latter fails, likely because you can't really do both HTTP and HTTPS on the same port.


I don't see any redirect for

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It makes no sense.
I get no where on HTTP and HTTPS.

Tried HTTP as well, not accessing it.
What option do I have here?

I understand I cannot access the app on the port without SSL as well.

It is an A record- point to a server
The same record, with other domain that is not enabled HSTS- no SSL that domain, works.
Point to the same place.

What are you server and app, what is their task/job/service/function ?

I feel like I am missing something in trying to figure out the picture.


Yeah as @Bruce5051 suggests it would help if you can step back a bit and explain what type of service this is? e.g. Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, nginx, caddy or a custom server type. How you configure SSL varies depending on which software product you are trying to configure.

Currently you may well have a valid certificate file, but your software isn't configured to use https (yet).


Those are being handled by different server blocks.
Please show all server blocks that cover those two names and port 3000.


Quick question: after you've issued the cert with Certbot, what steps did you take to actually install the certificate into whatever unmentioned app you've got running?


Based on you appear to be running an Express server in NodeJS. How to Create an HTTPS NodeJS Web Sevice with Express

You need to tell your app to load the certificate within the call to createServer then express will switch over to using TLS (e.g. https).


Dumb question from my side
I am no programmer

Using this tutorial, will I lose current NodeJS server?
How do I run it in case I run this existing NODEJS and not to ruin anything

Did actually nothing.

Well, I read this twice and still not clear how do I apply it on my server.
My programmer for the project quit so, cannot ask him. what should I do in my server so it would work?

I understand that I miss something, which you say is to let the app to use SSL.
How do I do it?

As your server is an Express app running in NodeJS then without a programmer you will be unable to proceed. You'll either need to learn programming enough to work on the app yourself or get another programmer.


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