SSL Installed Using DNS Validation with acme-dns-certbot on Ubuntu 18.04 - NOT WORKING!

One last thing...
I noticed the authenticator is manual.
Manual authentication can't be scripted; as it requires manual interaction.

It looks like you are using GoDaddy DNS, there should be a plugin to automate that for you.

Hi @rg305

Could you please educate me on what exactly is this?

It can when there's a manual auth hook, as there was with that guide.

The problem with that guide is that it tells you to use for your own production use, which really isn't how acme-dns is supposed to work.

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If that was the case, then why did certbot renew --dry-run work perfectly? :wink:

@rg305 @Osiris
I'm confused here! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Nah, don't sweat it. @rg305 notice a part of your setup which usually does not work very well, but forgot that there are situations where --manual works nicely as @danb35 also pointed out to @rg305 already, which is the case here.

The second part of @danb35's post I don't have experience with. I agree that having a dependency on a third party which also has the possibility of issuing certificates for your hostname (by "design" in the way acme-dns is implemented as it is right now) is not ideal. However, now that you have your certificate and you agree using the acme-dns service isn't ideal, you might try to implement your own instance of acme-dns instead of relying on the "third party" acme-dns service you're using now.

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OK thanks!!

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