SSL installation on multiple websites

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I ran this command:

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Hi @Hoosemon,

What is the problem you’re looking to get help with? You left all of the help template questions empty.

Hey there
I am struggling to install ssl lets scrypt for multiple websites. I have been able to install it on 2 websites following instructions and I don’t understand why is not working for the other websites while I am following exactly the same procedure.
Can you advise me on what to do please.

Hi Daniel
**My websites are****still not going to HTTPS **

So I need any advise which helps me to fix the issue, please

I followed instructions and I was able to install it on 2 websites but others still insecure.

I don’t understand why. I am following all the instructions according to the


Hi @hoosemon,

What are the websites that are not going to HTTPS? Can you share their domain names?


Thanks for sharing those URLs @hoosemon.

I notice all of these sites are serving a certificate for * issued by a different CA and not a Let’s Encrypt certificate for the correct hostnames.

Once SSL For Free gives you the certificate chain and private key how are you providing them to your hosting platform to install? Who is your hosting platform? Do you have shell access or access to a cpanel interface or something else?

Hi Daniel
My hosting id Godaddy and I have access to a cpanel interface

I just install the SSL from let’s encrypt on these two websites:


I don’t about that server.

Or tell me how to get rid of it and replace it by which is easy to install than any server


Have you contacted GoDaddy support? I'm afraid I don't know anything about cpanel but it sounds like you aren't configuring cpanel to use the correct certificate from sslforfree.

Hi @hoosemon,

I just noticed that you’re also getting help from @JuergenAuer in this other thread: My website is still not going to HTTPS or Secure after a successful installation

To make it easier to keep track I’m going to close this thread so we can all chat on the other one since I think it has more contextual information.