Ssl installation limit on my domain

I using cwp control panel for manage my website. Recently got some issue on cwp that’s my reinstall the control panel lots of time & today it fixed. I also tried install ssl lot’s of time in recently. Now auto ssl not available for the domain name. I check ssl log file. There showing installation limit on the domain name. How can i solve the problem?

I want to install ssl on hostname:

Primary domain using cloudflare shared ssl, I can’t use cloudflare ssl on hostname because phpmyadmin not works on cloudflare ssl.

Anyone please tell me how to remove the limit :pray:

Thank you

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Sorry but you can’t remove the limit.

From CT log, you reached the duplicate certificate per 7 days limit, and the next time this certificate can be issued is 26 Jun 2020 17:57:28 UTC (Via Let’s Debug)

However, you might be able to bypass the limit by issuing a certificate for and

Looks like you’ve obtained a certificate from ZeroSSL CA, and your site is working now.

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Thank you for valuable information. But I don’t trusted in ZeroSSL CA, i remove the ssl when ssl installation limit removed.
Thank you.

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