SSL for Synology's Quickconnect?


I am pretty new to this NAS setup, so I am trying to configure all securities prior to storing my data on it.
For the SSL setup, I have couple of questions:

  1. I have enabled DDNS and I was able to set up the SSL. And this works great.
    My understanding here is: DDNS would map a domain(Synology’s) to my NAS’s static Ip address. And I got the little padlock after I setup the Lets Encrypt certificate.

  2. There is this QuickConnect account setup as well. Where on the desc. it says: It would connect our diskstation from anywhere. Then my domain would looks like something:
    How can I establish SSL for this above url?

Also how these both: DDNS and QuickConnect would differ each other.
What url I need to use to access my NAS from anywhere(DDNS/QC)? And how I can successfully have the SSL setup on the QC, if at all I need to use it?



From synology’s document, you should use the QC for any file sharing, and DDNS for regular website / hosting.

You could try to follow this guide (However, since I don’t have an Synology NAS, I’m not sure if that tutorial is correct.)

If this guide does not work out, you might want to ask an Synology customer care representative…

Thank you and merry Christmas

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