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My client having simple html site as landing page and here multiple wordpress setups.
I have install SSL. Its’ working fine for main site but for internal wordpress its not opening pages with https.



Hi @mayo

I don’t understand that. Do you have some links as sample?


Thanks for the reply.
Here you can check senior link which is the WordPress setup as subfolder. Here pages are not working with https


These links are wrong. “Junior” goes to

But this isn’t a certificate problem. It’s a problem of the WordPress-navigation.

  • There is a WordPress option to change all these http links
  • You have to change the links manual

The page

works and has the correct certificate. And your main page has some mixed content warnings you should fix.

Upps - what’s that? You have redirect errors: Checked your site via to see the mixed content, but there are critical redirects:

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 301 0.307 E 301 0.297 E 200 6.810 B -1 0.036 R
NameResolutionFailure - The remote name could not be resolved: ‘ 200 6.550 B -1 0.184 R
NameResolutionFailure - The remote name could not be resolved: ‘

There are redirects http -> https with too much www and a missing dot.

And your favicon is mixed content:

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I see, you have rechecked your domain via

Now these redirects to not existing domains are gone.

But a redirect should always go to

not to


without /.

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