SSL For native apps talking to web apps


In what browser/version?

Or more broadly, which browsers do you need it to work in?


I am getting this error on IE


Yeah. I think there’s almost zero chance of my approach working in IE.

I would echo the earlier sentiments about private CA if you need that environment.



how private CA will work and do i need to install that on client machines and another thing do i ever need to update them after installation because certificates keep expiring after some time


You would install the private (self-signed) certificate to each client machine’s trust store, one time. It’s up to you to determine the validity duration of the certificate. As pointed out earlier, you could make it 20 years.


@_az thank you so much for helping me out, i will make that certifcate and test it with whole application and then update you how it goes


Has Microsoft said anything about whether localhost will be considered a secure context in the future?

I know this draft is specifically related to that

but I don’t believe it’s progressed beyond a draft (whereas Firefox and Chrome have adopted the behavior that you demonstrated with respect to the IP address).


Edge already implements it, but AFAIU, IE11 is in feature freeze until its demise.


Yikes, I assume its demise is going to take a pretty long time if the “demise” of previous IE versions is any indication. :frowning:


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