Whoops! Luckily, i only made that mistake in the forum post, which is maximally embarrassing but minimally harmful. :disappointed_relieved:

nginx -T (with a capital T) should also output your entire configuration. Does it include all of the vhosts you expect?

Are your DNS records pointed at the right IPs?


but something strange is that you are redirecting and to with a 302 redirect.

I have no idea why that is happening, I have checked my conf files for both and

I removed the Supercache configurations, it doesn’t even work


I have checked the DNS and the IP is correctly pointed.

sure, nginx -T gives the full configuration


Something is redirecting it, that is for sure :wink:

If your nginx conf is on for example /etc/nginx/ you could try to search for return or rewrite directives (if it is on another path change it on below command):

grep -riE '(rewrite|return)' /etc/nginx/ | grep -iE '(|host)'

Good luck,


I went the hard way to find a fix.

I uninstalled the Let’s Encrypt package from my server and deleted its folder.

Then installed it all over again, SSL works fine.

The only sad thing is I won’t be able to know what actually happened since searching for the return or rewrite directive didn’t turn up something that looked erroneous.

Thank you for your help.


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