SSL connection Not Secure (>000webhost-->Cloudflare-->GoDaddy-->)

Hello everyone,
this is my 1st post in this website and probably the 3d in my whole life so not sure if its all good,
I bought a domain: from godaddy, the domain is hosted on 000webhost, the website is just a prototype and it came out of
Since both godaddy and 000webhost do not offer a Free ssl encryption, I decided to get a quick/free one with Cloudflare, i configured all i had to configure (dns, godaddy servername points cloudflare, cname and mx record) , updated the url from http to https (and vice versa) on wordpress settings–> general , installed both cloudflare and really simple ssl (which seems perfectly working) plugins in my wordpress site, but still, has a certificate but no secure connection.
Any help ? thanks a lot guys…
PS: all the services i got are FREE except the domain bought.

The cert at the IP for and does not cover those names.

It does however cover the CNAME via

But even that site redirects to which doesn’t have a cert to cover that name.

Also worth mentioning, each FQDN seems to return a different set of IPs.

Hi @chalkrave

This is a site for supporting users of let’s encrypt

As you are using Clouflare I would suggest research in to that platform or contacting Clouflare

There are a lot of volunteers on this site and I personally don’t believe its fair to ask for help in this case.

You can also try a more generic forum such as StackExchange Encryption forums which are more generalised

Your site hosted at, pls login to your wordpress admin dashboard and change the primary domain name.

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