Ssl certificate for localhost

I am trying to get oauth2 working on my laptop in a Docker container . I am failing in getting the token. I remember that oauth requires the use of ssl. So I would need to access via https://localhost from my other process. How do I install let’s encrypt on localhost? Anything special for this apache in a docker container setup?

LetsEncrypt will only certify real domain names.
Names that can be resolved via global DNS.
“localhost” will not qualify for such a cert request validation.

Furthermore, the whole point of getting a certificate validated by a trusted authority is to prove to OTHERS that you are who you say you are.
Is you are saying to OTHERS that you are LOCALHOST and they should trust a connection to you via HTTPS://LOCALHOST, you will never see their requests as it will always resolve to

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Thanks. I really don’t need my localhost to have a cert. I am wondering if Google Outh2 will not work unless the URL is https? In my case it is https://localhost because I am on my local development environment. Could Google oauth2’s https requirement be what is breaking this?

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Maybe… not sure if a definitive answer to that can be found in this forum thou.

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