SSL Certificate error

I got the following error when I try to issue my SSL certificate:

There was a problem processing your request

My domain is

Kindly assist.

I'm not sure how the error message could be any clearer?


When setting up a website you need the name you given it ( to resolve to an IP address (pointing to the server which will serve that website).

Currently doesn't point to any IP address. To fix this, update your DNS settings at your DNS provider (often your domain registrar) to say that cpcontacts points to a specific IP address (your webserver). This is normally done by creating an "A" record set to the IP address of your webserver.


Thank you Chriostopher.
Are you saying our domain provider would have to point to the web IP address and also create A record?

Your DNS provider would have to provide an IP for each name that is to be reached via the Internet.

The IP should match the IP provided by the hosting company.


Yes, it looks like you are using Cloudflare to host your DNS for that domain, so you'd generally create the A record there and point it to the IP address of your server.


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