SSL Certificate accidentally got deleted

So I was going through the web server and deleting all SSL Certificates that I don’t need anymore. I accidentally deleted the one I was using for my website. I tried to do a renew. But I’m getting an error saying too many issued. How long do I have to wait so I can renew it?

7 days


:frowning: So I’d have to wait next week? I was told the next time I can renew is on the 15th?

Hi @Abdul,

If you only deleted the cert.pem and/or fullchain.pem file and not the privkey.pem you could recover your cert. If you also deleted the privkey.pem you should wait...

Maybe, without knowing your domain name we can't say it for sure.


Is the error too many certificates for exact set of names or too many certificates for a domain?

In the first case, you could issue a new certificate right away by adding an additional subdomain.

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