SSL Certificat other than port443

I have 2 servers with wordpress and apache2. On the 1. server I have letsencrypt and it working fine
( The other server is working but I have a static Ip-adress and it is not allow in apache to use 2 servers wirh same ip and port. So I which to change ports on server2 from 80 to 81.
but to use ssl certificat on server 2 I need verfy ssl on other port than 443. I look at cloudflare but there I need have domain at cloudflare. Anny sugestions .

Using SNI most modern web servers can accept both names and also proxy the one that isn't local to that other system.
So both names can go to whichever webserver is at port 80 and then proxy (internally) when needed to the other system (on port 81).
You will have to use a special parameter on the port 81 system to tell the ACME client about port 81
OR use --webroot to circumvent the entire web service integrated authentication.
[a bit more manual - but you only need to get it right once - then they will renew automagically - LOL]

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