SSL by Let's Encrypt is it ok to use with Hipay service?

I would like to start an online shop and i'd like to know wich SSL certificate I need.
I probably use Hipay for online paiement.
So, the basic SSL certificate delivered by Let's Encrypt is it ok to run with Hipay or Hipay will ask me to upgrade to a non-free SSL certificate?

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Hi @Synchrone

you need a certificate signed by a trusted CA. That's all.

Letsencrypt is a trusted CA, so you can use a LE-certificate.

There is no need to use a non-free SSL certificate.


Every cert consumer can set its own policies about which CAs it trusts. Let's Encrypt is trusted by all of the major browsers which means most software considers it a mainstream CA (following the browsers' example). But there's nothing stopping Hipay from choosing not to trust Let's Encrypt specifically. If you want to be sure, it would be best to ask Hipay or look at other sites that use Hipay's services to see if they're successfully using Let's Encrypt certs.


Thanks for information. I asked Hipay, now I'm waiting an answer...

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I receive this answer from Hipay:
"Un certificat SSL "Let's Encrypt" est suffisant."
So, it's OK to use SSL from Let's Encrypt" :slight_smile:


Good news! Thank you for sharing the answer.

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