Sometimes SSL not working

Hi domain sometimes its not working SSL when i test through or here is today’s error from

no ssl certification were found on Make sure name resolves to correct server and ssl port 443 open to 443 server firewall.

My pingdom uptime report also show there is downtime, in 47minutes last 24hrs.

Even i dont find any apache error log related to this error.

What makes you think this has anything to do with SSL? Sounds like it could potentially just be a network connectivity problem.

Please show the root cause analysis report from Pingdom.

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Are you using some kind of Dyn DNS and the update of your IP took a little longer?

Do you see entries in the web server access.log for that time frame when the SSL test failed?


I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with your website, at least not the certificate part.

P.S. contact your server provider for more information. (However I don’t think there’s any trouble…)

P.S.2. the site might need to have an age requirement…

Thank you

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