Some sponsor links on the website are HTTP

8 of the sponsor links are HTTP rather than HTTPS:

  1. (works with HTTPS)
  2. (works with HTTPS)
  3. (works with HTTPS, redirects to HTTP)
  4. (404 with HTTPS)
  5. (mixed content)
  6. (works with HTTPS)
  7. (404 with HTTPS)
  8. (works with HTTPS, redirects to HTTP)

So those 5 that work could be changed to HTTPS (the others should fix their setup!).


Hi @jomo,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve opened a pull request on the website repo to make some of your recommended changes. I left out, and since you noted problems with the HTTPS version of these sites and I was able to confirm as well.

Thanks again! :fireworks: :thumbsup:

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Will those left out be contacted regarding the lack of a (working) HTTPS version?

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