[Solved] Remove duplicate certs reported by Google Transparency Report


My domain is: mehl.biszumbitterenen.de

After starting from scratch due to issues with certs renewal I have been notified that Google Transparency Report shows duplicate records for my domain.
This is not wanted.

How can I delete the duplicate certs?



You can’t.

Why not? Over time, the CT logs will show lots of certs for your domains.


Hi @cmonty14

it’s not only Google, there are other Transparency Log - Searchpages:



All public certificates are logged, so it’s possible to find certificates.

If you don’t want that: To test, use the --stage option. These certificates are not productive, issuer is “Fake LE”, they are not logged.


To clarify slightly, the staging certificates are logged to Google’s “TestTube” CT log. This is a CT log specifically built for testing and so most of the indexing services (crt.sh, censys, etc) don’t index it and won’t show up in certs. If they decided to index TestTube one day (seems very unlikely) those certs would appear as well.


Thanks, good to know.


At the bottom line it’s not critical to have duplicate certs reported by Google Transparency Report.
Is this statement correct?
If yes, I don’t have to worry about this and can continue w/o further action.


That’s correct. It’s expected and normal. You can continue without any action :beach_umbrella: :tropical_drink:


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