[SOLVED] Is It possible use /etc/hosts to validate hosts?

I have problems with updating DNS today, sometimes got old IP, sometimes got new IP. Can I force to use the new IP likes write an entry in /etc/hosts?

That's get problems to create new certs.

Hi @sincorchetes and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

No, that wouldn't be very secure; As anyone could put any name in their /etc/hosts file and get a valid certificate for that domain name.

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Then you have a DNS problem.
And you need to fix that - getting a cert won't make that problem go away.

What is the name that is having DNS problems?
[note: this is not a forum for DNS problems - I just like DNS and I'm willing to help you]

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Thanks \o/

I know... :frowning:

The provider is Joker.com, but no problem I will wait...

What are you waiting for?

To populate DNS changes in root DNS servers. :confused:

If you don't want to post the domain here, you can click on my name and send it to me directly.
I don't mind looking into the problem.
4 eyes are better than 2.

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No problem, I could generate the cert now. Thanks :smiley:

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So all you need is to include a delay/wait time in your cert process.

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