My website use Wordpress, i could installed the SSL certificate on my domain.
The WP admin is alright I can see the green lock icon on Chrome, but in frontend the green lock icon doesn’t appear.
I checked all my images and links, everything seems to be OK with https://mydomain.com
When i view the source code the lock is green also.
How can I secure my frontend please ?
Link : https://webinti.com
Thanks a lot


remove http included data such as ://www.skypeassets.com/i/scom/js/skype-uri.js


Chrome 48 has a new security panel in dev tools you can use to diagnose such stuff https://community.centminmod.com/threads/chrome-48-web-browsers-security-overview-panel.5945/ :slight_smile:


Thank you guys it helps me!
I removed the //www.skypeassets.com/i/scom/js/skype-uri.js link and also my logo was hard-coded in header.php in http. Just replace it by https and works great now!!
Thanks a lot