[Solved] Howitworks has a typo

I noticed that on Getting Started - Let's Encrypt

Under "How to use the Client" I read:

The this will obtain a single cert for example.com, www.example.com, thing.is, and m.thing.is; it will place files below /var/www/example to prove control of the first two domains, and under /var/www/thing for the second pair.

I think that should read:

This will .......

Probably a very quick fix :slight_smile:

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I noticed that the type is resolved …:grinning:
Tnx to whoever resolved it.

However… I did not get a notification/reply to the starting post with a message that the issue was resolved.
May I suggest that, that would have been nice :slightly_smiling:

Anyway…I’m happy it was actually taken up by someone…tnx.

Can I somehow “close” the issue as resolved?

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We can edit the title of this thread to begin with [Solved] (which I’ve just done).

Ah great.

Tnx for the feedback.
I can do that myself the next time :slight_smile: