[Solved] Help diagnosing urn:acme:error:connection fetching timeout


We are having difficulty with a client experiencing a timeout:

'urn:acme:error:connection': Fetching http://globalmanpower.com.au/.well-known/acme-challenge/T9EEW7cLSVYEelJ5ECPWXGldsDpb6_L8075mE77oBkw: Timeout

However, I have performed fetch tests from all around the world and I am not finding any network connectivity or timeout problems. The response time is always well below the timeout condition of 5 seconds.

The client claims to have successful connectivity to the outbound1 and outbound2 hosts as well as having had them whitelisted.

Would it be possible to get a Boulder-side view of where the request is running into trouble?

Appreciate it, thank you.


globalmanpower.com.au.  (unsigned)  300  A
globalmanpower.com.au.  (unsigned)  300  AAAA  2407:e700:2:6::1e0

From [random location} I can connect over IPv4, but IPv6 times out. Are you sure it’s okay?


I really must remember to check the AAAA record before requesting help.

Thank you.

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