SOLUTION: How to create SSL certificates to Domain and Subdomain at the same moment - Bitnami - Amazon Lightsail

Generate and Install - Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates For Bitnami - Amazon Lightsail - Domain with www, and without. Domain + Subdomain. SOLUTION:

Follow the instructions:

IMPORTANT: At Step 2: Generate A Let’s Encrypt Certificate For Your Domain, to Request a new certificate for your domain and subdomain (for example:, and you must write as below:

sudo lego --email=“EMAIL-ADDRESS” --domains=“” --domains=“” --path="/etc/lego" run

I have decided to write this because the most common thing when a person is going to enter a website is that one writes the domain with the www., or without the www. And the code taught in the Bitnami Guide does not teach that possibility. When you configure your website with a single domain, the browser accuses a certificate error, because one of the domains don’t have certificate.

For original comments/code read:

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