Site is no more secure before Certificate expiry date

That is the real mystery. I know this will sound silly, but are you sure you’re logged into the right server? I’ve had five windows open with different servers and gotten them mixed up before.

:slightly_smiling_face:Yes I am using the same server… Rechecked that…

That’s good to know. Did a backup get restored that blasted your site?

No Site is working fine… we did not Restore the backup… it is just that it is showing not secure…

Do I have to install SSL again? Any suggestions?

So… as @9peppe pointed out earlier, you don’t have any Let’s Encrypt (or other transparent certificates) created for as indicated by the blank screen on If you want an example of kind of output should appear on, you can look for my own website

OK thanks and @9peppe will install again … Thanks for all your prompt help on this…

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You’re welcome. Wish we had an easier solution. It’s kinda like working in the dark with many situations. We try to put the puzzle together. :upside_down_face:

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